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JetNet 6710G-M12 HVDC

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Industrial 8 PoE + 2G Managed M12 High Power IEEE802.3at PoE Switch, on-board HVDC power input

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  • 8 10/100 Base TX PoE ports and 2 Gigabit uplink ports
  • Solid M12 D-coded Ethernet connectors to protect from vibration applications such as PoE in Tram, Rail or Highway
  • M12 Power Connector for stable power supply under vibrating environment
  • 8 PoE ports support both 15.4W IEEE 802.3af & 30W high
    power IEEE 802.3at with 120W total power budget by LLDP PoE classification
  • Built-in Isolated DC-DC Power module for vehicle use
  • DC 110V (77VDC~137VDC) power input
  • All ports support Korenix patented RSR with 5ms recovery time, and MSR for up to 4 x 100M Rings plus 1 Gigabit Ring
  • IEEE 802.1AB LLDP and optional Korenix NMS software for auto-topology and group management
  • Tag-VLAN for multiple VLAN traffic isolation and QinQ for private VLAN
  • LACP port trunk for bandwidth aggregation in video surveillance
  • Auto thermal detection and power budget control
  • Redundant DC Power Inputs and Relay Output
  • AC 1.5KV Hi-Pot Isolation Protection for ports and power
  • EN 50121-4 EMC vertification for railway on-board surveillance
  • -40~70°C wide operating temperature

JetNet 6710G-M12 HVDC is a Gigabit Managed Industrial Power over Ethernet Switch equipped with an isolated 110VDC power module and designed exclusively to fit in highly critical PoE applications on-board railways. By software configuration or by LLDP auto detection, the eight 10/100 TX PoE injector ports can deliver 15.4W by IEEE 802.3af or 30W by the latest High Power PoE IEEE 802.3at standard. The total power budget is up to 120W per unit to fulfill local increasing PoE demands. The two Gigabit Ethernet ports provide high speed uplink to connect with higher level backbone switches with Korenix MSRTM network redundancy technology. Korenix RSRTM can recover the network failure in less than 5 ms. To work under vibration and shock environments, the industrial M12 connectors provide exceptional solid Ethernet and PoE connections.

Driving the High Power PoE Market - Security, WiMAX

Since the ratification of the Power over Ethernet standard in 2003, the Power over Ethernet technology becomes a trend; more devices adopt PD technology to obtain power through Ethernet cable eliminating the need of running separate power wirings to a remote device. However, the frequently used IEEE 802.3af PoE standard with 15.4W power budgets cannot satisfy the power needs of high end demanding applications, such as WiMAX, IP DOM Cameras, which require greater than the 15.4W power.

JetPoE series 802.3at High Power Feeding Diagram

The JetNet 6710G-M12 HVDC is equipped with the new PSE solution, compliant with both IEEE 802.3af 15.4W and IEEE 802.3at 30W high power PoE standards. It supports 8 PoE ports in End-span wiring architecture with up to 30W high powering capability per port and 120W per unit at 60oC operating temperature, to drive the motors of outdoor PTZ IP cameras with direction control for cross–street monitoring, or WiMAX systems for internet access in train stations, airports or Hot-spots.

Efficient Powering Mechanism- IEEE 802.3at LLDP Power over Ethernet
Some of legacy PD devices feature user defined manual mode and forced powering mode to support nonstandard PD devices without PoE signature resistor for applying in WiMax systems.

For the new PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) standard, in addition to the manual and forced powering modes, JetNet 6710G-M12 HVDC implements the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) into the system for efficient power budget negotiation between PD devices. The LLDP packet provides smart power budget control behavior to fulfill the needs of higher-end setups requiring exact high power delivery.

JetPoE series 802.3at High Power Feeding Diagram

Power Budget Limitation with Priority Control
To power the High power PoE IEEE 802.3at, PSE device need to deliver 48V or higher voltage. However, in some environments it becomes hard to obtain enough power budget when the PSE is working with heavy loading in its high power mode. To solve this issue, the JetNet 6710G-M12 HVDC provides budget and priority control to ensure that the total power consumption will not exceed the power limit installed by user. It also provides budget control function to limit the output power in case if the PD device is not claimed right consumption numbers. This feature allows user to protect high priority PD devices from shut down caused by overloading of the power supply.

Solid M12 Connectors Against Vibration and Shock
In most occasions, PD devices installed in industrial environments are being subjected to vibration, shock, dust and other environmental threats. Korenix has designed JetNet 6710G-M12 HVDC with 8 M12 D-coded connectors and 1 M12 A-coded power connector allowing the switche to be used for upgrading industrial applications while delivering power along with data to PD devices in industrial machinery, factory automation, railways, marine applications etc.

Comprehensive Redundant Solutions – Multiple Super Ring (MSRTM)
The JetNet 6710G-M12 HVDC supports new generation ring technology - MSRTM (Multiple Super Ring), which includes various new technologies for different network redundancy applications and structures. The JetNet 6710G-M12 HVDC allows aggregating up to 5 Rapid Super Rings, including 4 Fast Ethernet plus 1 Gigabit Ethernet Rings. With the MSRTM technology, a node can be configured to multiple rings with the failover time in as little as 5ms and zero-second of restoration time. In addition, users can extend the ring topology by adding hundreds of JetNet series to meet the large-scale network needs without compromising the network speed. The MSRTM also allows the JetNet series to easily connect with core management switches via standard Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol or through multiple paths or nodes to increase the reliability by RDHTM (Rapid Dual Homing) technology. By integrating MSRTM and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) the JetNet series can enhance the link availability and increase the overall link capacity. Two or more Fast Ethernet connections are combined in order to increase the bandwidth and to create a resilient and redundant link.

JetPoE series 802.3at High Power Feeding Diagram

Rapid Super Ring (RSRTM) Technology

Rapid Super Ring is the 2nd generation of Korenix Ring Redundancy technology. The recovery time is greatly improved from 30ms to few ms for both copper and fiber ring. The Ring master can be auto-selected by RSR engine. The 1st ring port of the R.M. is the primary path while the 2nd ring port of the R.M. is the block path. Once the primary path fails, the 2nd path will be recovered within few ms. Besides, the restoration time is also shortened to zero in the R.M. auto-selection mode.

JetPoE series 802.3at High Power Feeding Diagram

Seamless Ring Port RestorationTM
Seamless restoration is a new Korenix patented technology which can restore a failed ring without causing any loop problem, topology change and packet loss. With a 0 second restoration time, this mechanism eliminates any unstable status and guarantees the applications running non-stop.

Rapid Dual Homing (RDHTM) Technology
Rapid Dual Homing is also an important feature of Korenix new generation Ring technology. It supports ring coupling with other vendors devices. Moreover, providing easy configuration and multiple redundancies, the failover time is much faster and the restoration time is zero ms. Uplinks can be auto detected and gathered into groups. In each group uplinks are sorted into primary, secondary and standbys based on their link speed. The uplink with the highest speed is more likely to be active path for data transmission. Link aggregation is also integrated into RDHTM. An uplink connection can be a single link or several links aggregated as a trunk, which provides better redundancy and link capacity.

JetPoE series 802.3at High Power Feeding Diagram


TrunkRing is a new feature in MSR which merges the two technologies of RSR and link aggregation. It takes advantages of aggregation to enhance the link redundancy, while increasing the link speed. The ring will open only if all the aggregated links are broken. Link aggregation can be achieved by either static trunk or LACP. Not all the link sections in a TrunkRing need to be the same. Ring links can be either symmetric or asymmetric. Some are a single path, and the others are aggregated by links where the number of links in a trunk group can be different. Users can enhance the link redundancy at different locations in accordance to the need. The link with less speed is more likely to be used as the backup path for restoring the network to full play capacity.

JetPoE series 802.3at High Power Feeding Diagram

JetPoE series 802.3at High Power Feeding Diagram

Link Aggregation Control Protocol

Link Aggregation Control Protocol allows users grouping multiple Ethernet ports in parallel to increase the link bandwidth. The aggregated ports can be viewed as one physical port, so that the bandwidth is higher than just one single Ethernet port. The member ports of the same trunk group can balance the loading and backup with each other. The LACP feature is usually used when higher bandwidth is needed for the backbone network. This is a cost-effective way for transfering much more data.

JetPoE series 802.3at High Power Feeding Diagram

Auto Topology Discovery & Efficient Management through LLDP and Korenix NMS 
JetNet 6710G-M12 HVDC supports topology discovery or LLDP (IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol) function that can help users to discover multi-vendor’s network devices on the same segment by an NMS system, which support LLDP function. With LLDP function, NMS can easily maintain the topology map, display port ID, port description, system description, VLAN ID, etc..

Once a link failure happens, the topology changed events are updated to the NMS to help users easily maintain the network system. Besides the SNMP and LLDP protocols, JetNet 6710G series efficiently works with the Korenix patented Korenix NMS , which in addition to the auto-topology discovery, also delivers MSRTM group management, group IP assignment, firmware upgrade, configuration file backup/ restore ,SNMP MIB Browser / compile, etc. Furthermore, users can export the topology map to diverse formats, such as JPG, BMP, PNG and PDF, for easily managing and trouble-shooting the network. The user-friendly software allows administrators to discover devices automatically and efficiently manage the performance of the industrial network.

JetPoE series 802.3at High Power Feeding Diagram

JetPoE series 802.3at High Power Feeding Diagram

Outstanding Management and Enhanced Security
The JetNet 6710G-M12 HVDC provides various network control and security features to ensure the reliable and secure network connection. To optimize the industrial network environment, JetNet 6710G-M12 HVDC supports advanced network features, such as Tag VLAN, Private VLAN, QinQ, IGMP Snooping, Quality of Service (QoS), Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), Rate Control, etc. To avoid hacker’s attacks and ensure the secure data transmission, JetNet 6710G series features DHCP client, DHCP server with IP and MAC binding, 802.1X Access Control, SSH for Telnet security, IP Access table, port security and many other security features.

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